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I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!


25th of December Speciality Show "Millenium-2011"

Judge Yana Gavrilova
50 entreis

Andvol Uelskiy Volshebnik, own Volkova M., 2d v.p. in baby class

Andvol Serdsa Dar, own. Awstrievskaya - 2 v.p. in puppy class


Andvol Timoty, own. Mokina - 3 v.p. in puppy class


Andvol Tarantino, own. Lasskaya - v.p. in puppy class


Andvol Top Model, own. Tegina - 1 v.p. in puppy class


Andvol Sicilia, own. Fokina-Vasilieva - 2 v.p. in puppy class


Andvol Prekrassnaya Markiza, own. Volodina - 3 v.p. in puppy class


Andvol Prinsessa Grez, own. Pragina - v.p. in puppy class

Andvol Newsmaker, own. Gurchenko - 1 ex. in junior class, Best Junior


Andvol Mercury, own. Sidorenko - 2 ex. in Junior class


Andvol Kipling, own. Zakharova - 1 ex. in intermediate class


Andvol Ais and Fire, own. Varlamova - 1 ex. in open class


Andvol Argentinskoe Tango, own. Ermolaeva - 2 ex. in open class

Andvol Knyaz Serdca Moego, ow. Cheboksarova E - 1 ex. in work class

Andvol Zoloto Makkeny, own. Sidorenko - 1 ex. in champion class, Best Male, BOB

Andvol Marlen, own. Zabelina - 1 ex. in intermediate class

Andvol Merilin, own. Tegina - 2 ex. in intermediate class

Andvol Tsarevna Iz Skazki, own. Kamenskaya - 1 ex. in champion class



17 December 2011

Andvol Pinkerton - BOB, Breed Champion 2011, Res Best Dog of the Year, Res BIS with award - Silver Collar.



11 December 2011

ANDVOL YA TVOY KUMIR  got his last CC and won BOB and gained Great Britan CH title at LKA dogshow in GB!
He is first GB Champion bred in Russia in 3 generation!




26-27 November 2011

Аt  "Amcterdam Winner CACIB Show" 26-27 November in Netherland ANDVOL YUMORESKA got 2CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG3 and Crufts qualification under strict
judging by Simon Parsels (GB), 19 entrees. She finished Dutch Champion title with this win!



November, 19, 2011
The results of "Andvol" dogs at the speciality corgi show "Welsh Herder"

Judge Cerys Davies (GB)

Baby  Class
Andvol Tarantino, owner Lasskaya - Best Baby Dog

Andvol Tip-Top, owner Travkina - v.p.

Andvol Top Model, owner Tegina - v.p. Best Baby in breed

Puppy Class
Andvol Sedtsa Dar, owner Avstrievskaya - v.p., Best Puppy Dog

Andvol Prekrasnaya Markiza, owner Volodina - p.

Andvol Rapsodia Lubvi, owner Pronkina - 2v.p.

Andvol Prinsessa Grez - 3v.p.

Junior Class
Andvol Merkury, owner Sidirenko - 2 ex., Jun CC

Andvol Kipling, owner Zakharova - 3 ex., JunCC

Andvol Lanfren-Lanfran, owner Kamenskaya - 3 ex., Jun CC

Andvol Navka, owneer Volkova - ex.

Intermedia Class
Andvol Ionkoping, owner Pronkina - 2 ex., CC

Andvol Klarins, owner Kondrashova - 2 ex., CC

Andvol Marlen, owner Zabelina - v.g.

Andvol Jozephina, owner Udalova - ex.

Open Class
Andvol Argentinskoe Tango, owner Ermolaeva, 2 ex., CC

Salvenik Sail Away, owner Volkova - v.g.

Andvol Monro, owner Volkova - 1ex., CCCh

Working Class
Andvol Volshebnaya Skazka, owner Zapolskaya - 3 ex.

Winners Class

Andvol Zoloto Makkeny, owner Sidorenko - 1 ex. - CCCh

Andvol Galateya Gold Star, owner Minyakova - 2 ex., CC

Champion Class
Andvol Ic and Fire, owner Varlamova - ex.

Andvol Velikilepniyi Show Boy, owner Bukina - 4ex.

Andvol Djek Pot, owner Pronkina - 3 ex., CC

Andvol Yustas Aleksu, owner Solozhentseva - 1 ex., CCCh. Best Dog, BOB, Club Winner, BISS

Andvol Circeya, owner Volkova - 2 ex., CC

Andvol Yuzhnaya Noch, owner Bakieva - 3 ex., CC

Club Champion Class
Andvol Pinkerton, owner Shuvalova - CCCh

Andvol Fineshampagn, owner Zabelina - CCCh




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